5 Things to Know Before Visiting Bermuda


Bermuda is a self-governed British island territory in the North Atlantic Ocean. I had the pleasure of visiting the island for the first time in March of this year for a long weekend getaway and was blown away! 


Below are five things I wish I knew before heading to Bermuda. I hope you find them useful!


1. The flight from NYC is only 1.5 hours long!


Insane, I know. I never realized how close Bermuda is to the East Coast. Bermuda is on the same horizontal plane as South Carolina, so it is the perfect destination for a quick weekend getaway if you are located anywhere on the East Coast.


2. Resorts hold Summer “Happy Hour” parties, open to anyone on the island


Starting in May, resorts in Bermuda begin hosting huge Happy Hour celebrations every Thursday, Friday, or Saturday nights. These aren’t your everyday happy hours, but actually huge poolside parties, usually with live music/DJs, open to anyone on the island (even those not staying at the resort). Some resorts offer complimentary ferry rides from Hamilton running every half hour. A few of the main happy hour parties in Bermuda include Hamilton Princess, Newstead Belmont Hills, and Elbow Beach.


3. Tourists are not allowed to rent cars, only scooters and motorbikes


The island of Bermuda is only 21 square miles. The regional government made a decision to limit the number of cars on the island and make it illegal for tourists to rent and/or operate cars in order to minimize overcrowding, accidents, and pollution on the island. We were told that this law hasn’t only impacted tourists, but also local families, as they are only allowed to own one car per household. Because of this, many tourists and locals rely on motorized scooters/motorbikes, taxis, and local buses as the main sources of transportation.


4. Local buses are easy and safe to use


There are 11 bus routes in Bermuda, all (except one route) beginning from the central bus terminal in Hamilton. Tokens for the bus can be purchased at the central station and often at major hotels. Bus fares (ranging from $2.75 - $5 depending on zones) can also be paid in cash, but require exact change. The bus routes can be found here. As with many local buses, stops are not visibly marked, so be sure to ask your bus driver to call out when you reach your desired bus stop just to be on the safe side!


5. Hamilton is basically closed on Sundays, so plan your visit there another day!


The capital of Bermuda, Hamilton, is one of the most popular areas of Bermuda, full of picturesque colorful buildings. Hamilton is also where all of the cruises dock, so it is one of the most frequented areas on the island Monday - Saturday. On Sundays, however, Hamilton is a ghost town (spoken by first-hand experience). My friend and I visited on a Sunday and had no idea all of the businesses (except for a KFC and maybe one other restaurant) would be closed! Hamilton is a beautiful part of the island, so be sure to plan ahead when making your Bermuda itinerary.


I hope you found this type of post useful. Let me know if you'd like to see more like this for other locations! :)


Til next time!

❥ Ashley 

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